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  1. Thursday, July 18, 2024

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Kennedi Carter: Godchild

  • Kennedi Carter, Madonna with Flowers, 2018. Giclee Print

About the Exhibition


Divinity and art in the Western world have worked together to create a set of toxic ideals, one in which Whiteness is the sole standard of beauty and the genesis of Christianity. Anything ‘other’ is unworthy of God’s love and feeling beautiful. In this photographic series I attempt to rewrite this narrative by injecting Blackness into these historically White spaces, to create a story that represents Blackness as beautiful and queerness as holy.

-Kennedi Carter, Artist



Kennedi Carter is a Durham, North Carolina native by way of Dallas, Texas. Carter is a fine art photographer, ‘retoucher,’ and creative director with a primary focus on Black subjects. Her work highlights the aesthetics of sociopolitical aspects of Blackness as well as the overlooked beauties of the Black experience as a whole: skin, texture, trauma, peace, love, and community. Her work aims to reinvent notions of creativity and confidence in the realm of Blackness.


In 2019, Carter had a solo exhibition East Durham Love: A Photographic Anthology at DAG Gallery + Studios at Golden Belt Campus. Her work has been featured in the 2019 North Carolina Artists Exhibition at CAM Raleigh, Photo Vogue Festival, Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University’s exhibition Across County Lines, Photoville Festival in Brooklyn, and VSCO’s Walk In The Sun exhibition.