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  1. Wednesday, July 17, 2024

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Hiding in Plain Sight | Tina Marcus

Showing at 21c Durham On display from June 2024 - August 2024
About the Exhibition

21c Museum Hotel Main Street Windows | June – August 2024

Durham Art Guild in Partnership with 21c Elevate Initiative

About the Exhibition

“Why is it hard for people to realize there is something amazing going on when there is no crowd, and no one or nothing telling them to pay attention? Hiding in Plain Sight delves into the dichotomy between oblivious and the obvious, importance and people’s indifference, attention, and the lack thereof and people simply not being able to see the remarkable world that is right in front of them.” Tina Marcus

About the Artist

Tina Marcus creates figurative sculptures and multi medium assemblages using various forms of paper—tracing paper and cardboard; materials that are common, unexciting, and overlooked to reveal how the ordinary, extraordinarily presents itself that hides in plain sight.

About the Partnership and Public Art Initiative

Elevate at 21c presents temporary exhibitions of works by artists living and working in the communities surrounding each 21c Museum Hotel property. Elevate provides hotel guests and the public unique access to the work of notable regional artists, while featuring their work in the context of 21c’s contemporary art spaces.

The Durham Art Guild is finding new and unique ways to show the works of North Carolina artists throughout the Triangle and the state to celebrate the talent of the region, bridge communities together, spark conversation and reflect the diverse voices in North Carolina.

Special thanks to Tina Marcus for making this exhibition possible.

Curated by Tina Marcus with support from curators Dara Baldwin, Jonh Blanco and Liz Gage.

Presented by the Durham Art Guild and 21c Museum Hotel Durham