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  • Harrison Haynes (American), Super Fan, 2015, digital video.

  • Harrison Haynes (American), Blowing Smoke, 2015, digital video.

About the Exhibition

While on tour in 2012 with his band, Les Savy Fav, Harrison Haynes documented the time, spaces, and places spent between performances. His photographic series, Oran Mor / Pointe Ephemere / Feierwerk / Button Factory / Trix Centrum / Subterranean, presents images of couches found the in various greenrooms used by the musicians before and after performing. Titled after the individual music venues Haynes visited, they are ordered into a grid, which highlights both the similarities and the differences in the furniture he has encountered while resting and reflecting in these rooms. Creating this body of work, says the artist, was “a way to construct an alternative ordering of things counter to the prearranged daily schedule. In taking pictures in this way I remove myself from the present as I consider how the images I am making will later function in the context of other art works.”

Two video works included in CHANGEOVER, Blowing Smoke and Super Fan, capture playful moments the artist experienced while on tour in Los Angeles and in Melbourne, Australia. According to Haynes, “they are depictions of boredom, silliness and meditation, of being cooped up and striving to make something out of nothing.” This exhibition will be featured at 21c Museum Hotel Durham as part of the Click! Triangle Photography Festival.

Oran Mor / Pointe Ephemere / Feierwerk / Button Factory / Trix/ Centrum / Subterranean, 2012
6 individually framed archival inkjet prints
24 x 36 inches each, overall dimensions 53 x 115 inches
Edition of 3

Blowing Smoke, 2015, digital video

Super Fan, 2015, digital video

About the artist
Harrison Haynes, a Durham native, received a BFA in Painting from the Rhode Island School of Design and an MFA in Photography from the Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts at Bard College in New York. He teaches art at Durham Academy and is a drummer for the band, Les Savy Fav. Haynes’s photographs have been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the U.S.

About CLICK! Triangle Photography Festival
The CLICK! Triangle Photography Festival celebrates the medium of photography and its cultural influence by engaging the (NC) Triangle community with exceptional photo-based works and artists. The month-long festival in October produces exhibitions, programming and dialog between photographers and community members that inspire artistic excellence, support professional development and promote community engagement.

2015 CLICK! Triangle Photography Festival funding provided by Kontek ( with support from FRANK Gallery ( and Orange County Arts Commission ( as well as participating Triangle area partners (