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Everyone All Ways

  • All Is Fair in Love and Wear, Everyone All Ways, 2018. ADA-compliant bathroom sign.

About the Exhibition

All Is Fair in Love and Wear is a transgender-owned brand providing compression garments, or binders, to trans and gender-nonconforming youth since 2015:

Our bathroom signs declare, “Everyone All Ways.” It is a tactile, permanent, and public confirmation that no matter how you identify, you are one of us: welcome, understood, and safe; “All Ways” always. Collectively showing groups that they belong breaks down walls and builds equality. We improve our behavior beginning with ourselves, and by outwardly displaying our acceptance in resistance of condemnation and violence.

Equal rights is a private and public action.

No one is a stranger to exclusion–it is the responsibility of all of us to show each other compassion and consideration. Insist, “Everyone All Ways.” Stand in solidarity to create lasting societal change. Lead a cultural shift that defends human rights. #everyoneallways