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  1. Sunday, May 19, 2024

  2. Monday, May 20, 2024


Blind Spot: The Customized Art Car

About the Exhibition

Every human eye has a substantial blind spot where the optic nerve connects to the retina. The brain continuously fills in our blind spots by deciphering surrounding visual information. In the current climate of spin, misinformation and sensory bombardment, our cultural blind spots are growing exponentially.

How do we fill in the gaps with pertinent, meaningful information?

What sources do we trust?

How do we process issues as monumental as sustainability and global warming?

—Monica Mahoney

*With generous help from Nancy Schoenhoff, Skylar Smith, numerous great friends and family members, and new friends at Smith Imports, Palmer Products, KY Mirror and Plate Glass, K & L Customs and Pearson & Marzian. A big nod to Bob Corbett, a high efficiency housing architect, who created the first “mirror mobile” in Montana.