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  1. Saturday, July 20, 2024

  2. Sunday, July 21, 2024


Arillated: The 21c Pip Mobile

About the Exhibition

Louisvillian Monica Mahoney is a full-time artist with a studio in Clifton. Her paintings are in private collections across the country. She is also the creator of Blind Spot, 2008 the mirror mobile that made a splash at the 2008 Miami Art Basel. She is currently working on a large scale painting series inspired by women walking in film.

Artist Statement

aril n. Bot. a fleshy seed cover often brightly colored to attract animals that eat them and disperse the seeds.

pip n. 1. a small seed. 2. Slang. someone or something wonderful: Last night was a pip. – v. 3. to break out from the shell, as a young bird.

“arillated” adj. having been covered with thousands of red glass arilloid gems to resemble the interior of a pomegranate utilizing silicone, caulk guns, putty knives, small fingers and patience.