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A Retrospective

About the Exhibition

“Photography,” says award-winning Kentuckian Bill Luster, “is the greatest time machine invented. It shows us context, space, and those that love us and have loved us.” This retrospective exhibition features Luster’s land and cityscapes, portraits, and travel photographs, captured during the course of a five-decade career based in Louisville. The ever-blurring boundaries between photojournalism and photographic art are Luster’s rich domain: here, racing saddles resemble the repetitive forms of minimalism; the snaking lines of railroad tracks at dusk become a vision of neon lights, frozen in momentary stasis; fantastical cloud shapes, swaths of purple road, carpets of grass, an urban street shimmering gold in the glow of diffuse light illuminate a dream world. A featured exhibition of the 2013 Photo Biennial, Luster’s retrospective remains on view at Proof on Main through April 2014.