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Issue 3

We're back for Issue 3 of The Penguin Post, bringing you thoughtful, happy, inspiring and helpful content, all through the 21c lens. In this issue, you'll learn about the history of 21c Oklahoma City, learn what's going on in Music City and get an outstanding recipe from 21c Bentonville!

“’We live on the corner of curiosity. It’s almost Alice in Wonderland like.”

– Laura Lee Brown, Co-Founder, 21c Museum Hotels

A Statement from 21c

At 21c, we cherish individuality while working as a team. We say YES to our guests and to one another.

But not today. In the spirit of our values and with a commitment to you, our communities, our guests, and the artists whose work we display, we say NO. This is not OK. Black Lives Matter.

We cannot watch the events unfolding in our backyard and across the country in silent anguish. It is difficult to find the right words to say in this moment, but even if we had the right words to express our support for racial equality and justice, words are not enough.  As a company and individuals, we are compelled to listen, to express our support, and to act. We will work to amplify the voice of black artists, find ways to activate more cultural programming when our doors open, and continue to explore additional opportunities to use our voice and platform.

We stand with our team, families, communities and artists when we say “This is NOT OK”.





Nashville is Ready for You

As the nation begins to open, 21c Nashville is looking forward to opening our doors on July 1st! Our hotel is perfectly situated two blocks from the bustle of Broadway…close enough OR far enough away (depending on your view!). Over 9,000 square feet of museum exhibition space, the southern comfort deliciousness that is served at Gray & Dudley, and over 120 rooms that provide a welcome respite from the excitement of the city

While we are known as “Music City”, we are also home to amazing museums, restaurants, and outdoor parks….which can make your decision on what to do, pretty difficult.  To ease the pain, we’ve planned out a trip itinerary filled with some of our local favorites. Click here!

C U Soon in Nashville!

21c Oklahoma City History

In 1917, the Oklahoma City Ford Motor Company Assembly Plant began its operation in a State which had only become a State ten years earlier. The assembly of Model T Fords in Oklahoma City was part of the continuous forward motion of a vibrant new city and state and the greater access of affordable mobility was a leading edge of a force that would define and reshape our country.  In 2016, following a complete rehabilitation, the Fred Jones Ford Automobile Assembly Plant began a new life as 21c Museum Hotel Oklahoma City, harmonizing with the previous life of the assembly plant as Oklahoma City continues that forward motion in a milieu of cultural dynamism.

21c Lexington - In Honor of Pride month

“We hope you are reading this while sipping on a cocktail reminiscing on our last Drag Brunch…  June is Pride Month and oh honey how we miss our queens!  I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to drink mimosas and shower these amazing performers with pride.  We love our LGBTQ+ community and celebrate the month of Pride with open arms even behind closed doors.” – 21c Lexington team


21c Bentonville - Pimento Cheese Recipe

21c in Bentonville, Arkansas is home to restaurant, the Hive, led by six-time James Beard Nominated Chef Matthew McClure. Chef McClure has developed several iconic dishes at the Hive, bringing patrons from across the country, and one of those is his pimento cheese.  This Southern classic that has recently made its comeback on menus all across the US truly shines in Bentonville – the middle of the heartland.

Save it for your cheat day, because this Southern treat is tough to put down.

1 lb Grated mild cheddar cheese

1 pint mayonnaise

1 cup roasted red peppers (peel and minced)

½ cup cider vinegar

1 Tb Siracha

Salt to taste


Mixed together for smooth consistency.

Serve with toast, crackers and veggies

Virtual Tours in Durham

Although we still aren’t able to visit many of our favorite area attractions, many of them have created entirely new ways to experience them, and for free.   The North Carolina Zoo and the NC Museum of Art are both currently sharing programming and exhibits virtually.

Did you know that the North Carolina Zoo is the world’s largest natural habitat zoo?  Located on 2,600 acres just over an hour’s drive from 21c Durham, the zoo features more than 250 species primarily representing Africa and North America.  During the zoo’s closure they are providing free nature education presentations and fun activities through their “Virtual Visits” program.  There are weekly crafts, interactive distance learning classrooms, science experiments, and other activities to enjoy from home.

Just 20 minutes from 21c Durham, our friends at the North Carolina Museum of Art are providing wonderful virtual offerings inspired by their museum collection.  These include photographs, videos, poetry, essays, reading recommendations, and much more.  Although the museum’s galleries are temporarily closed, the NCMA Park remains open with its outside art installations and sculptures.  Our very own Fuchsia Penguin visited the park just this week and relaxed near the iconic trio of Gyre rings.

The Story of Murphy

The Story of Murphy McIlroy Meszoly, The Bermudian Portuguese Water Dog – from 21c Cincinnati GM Shelley Meszoly

I am delighted to tell you the story of Murphy!  Growing up in Bermuda, our son Mathew always wanted a dog.  Unfortunately, he was allergic and there were virtually no hypoallergenic rescue pups, nor puppy breeders on the island.  Then one day unexpectedly, a friend of a friend told us about a litter of Portuguese Water Dogs on the island – all I knew about that breed was that they were hypoallergenic and The Obama’s had two of them.  So, we were excited! We passed the interviews and finally at 16 years of age our son finally had his own dog. Now what to name him….

At the time, our hotel was host to the PGA Grand Slam of Golf annually, our family are huge golf fans and you guessed it – huge Rory McIlroy fans.  Rory had been to the island a number of times for the tournament and as well for vacation.  We asked him if it was ok and he was delighted to lend his name to Murphy’s full name.

To my son’s credit, he did a great job of training our Murphy.  Whenever Rory was back on the island he would come for a walk with Murphy and because we lived on a golf course Murphy had the most amazing evening runs. Then our son went off to college. Murphy became my husband’s dog… We are pretty sure Murphy was sad for a good couple of months after Mathew left for college (I think we all were) waiting for him every night…CLICK HERE TO READ MORE


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