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Art in Daily Life

Join us as we pursue our mission of expanding the audience for contemporary art.

The exhibitions in our 65,000 square feet of gallery space, reflect topics and issues that are affecting all of us now – like race, religion, gender, the environment, politics, technology, and more.

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Museum. Hotel. Restaurant.

Unlike any other museum, we operate a multi-venue museum that’s open daily free of charge and is committed to exhibiting the work of today’s most dynamic artists.

21c’s team of museum professionals embrace a new model, where they plan, prepare, and install exhibitions that reflect the global nature of art today in an environment providing unprecedented public access in markets typically underserved by culture.   And then… we watch and listen as the conversations unfold.

As Alice Gray Stites, 21c’s Chief Curator and Museum Director, likes to say, “Thought-provoking art connects us to each other, to our communities, and to new ideas, people, and places.

Inspired by our founders’ belief in the power of contemporary art and its ability to enrich our daily lives, 21c is proud of the hard work and dedication of our Museum team in carrying out our founders’ vision for a new museum model.  Forging a new path can be simultaneously challenging and rewarding.  We love sharing the work of #21cArtists with a broader audience and are thrilled when we’re able to share a new perspective or amplify a message by making contemporary art accessible.

In addition, it is with great pride that we are able to collaborate with many inspirational and innovative cultural organizations, such as Moving Image,  ArtPrize, Creative Capital, and others to engage a broad global audience for contemporary art.

A New Model

Chief Curator, Alice Gray Stites

Ask Alice Gray Stites about any one of the more than 2,000 works in the 21c collection, and it’s likely she’ll be able to recite all there is to know about the work or the artist responsible for creating it – and why it’s exciting to share with our visitors.

As 21c’s Chief Curator and Museum Director, Alice keeps her finger on the pulse of what’s happening in contemporary culture, while leading a team responsible for organizing and installing rotating exhibitions in more than 65,000 square feet of exhibition space, planning for site specific installations, and creating programming that responds to the needs and interests of each of our six (soon to be seven) communities.  Her stamina is remarkable and her enthusiasm infectious.

With a background working in the traditional arts world, Alice helps lead 21c down a new path, toward the museum model of the future, where art is a part of everyone’s daily life.

Hear from the Museum Team

21c is the most open-minded institution I have ever worked for, in terms of the artwork we exhibit as well as the values embraced by our company culture. When I was first hired, 21c was just announcing the purchase of Peregrine Honig’s “We Don’t Care,” the new bathroom signs that went up in our Durham, NC location; I knew without a doubt I was working for an amazing company, one that would stand up for what is right, and more amazingly, do that through art. In a really wonderful way, I feel like working at 21c is almost like being back in school. The diverse group of brilliant individuals who make up our team all offer something new to learn from, and whether I am researching an artwork, having a conversation with a guest or teammate about an exhibit, or speaking with a teammate in a department completely different from mine, I am constantly flexing myself to learn more, to understand more. 

Michaela Slavid
Museum Manager, 21c Oklahoma City

I spend my days engaged with the most visually potent stimuli I know of. Even better, my job is to immerse myself in every piece of art and understand it’s constructive irregularities, both negative and positive. With this understanding, I then tailor fit a specified packaging system for its new life here, as a part of the collection. 

Peter Golemboski
Museum, 21c Museum Hotels

I love working at 21c because I’m able to talk about art with all varieties of people on a daily basis and they aren’t prevented from coming through the door because it’s past 5 o’clock or because they have a dog with them or a medium pizza. Art should be fun and approachable and at 21c it is, which is why after 4 years I still get excited to come to work every day. That and the people. I love my co-workers.

Michael Hurst
Museum Manager, 21c Cincinnati

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21c values diversity. We are committed to supporting a workforce that reflects the diversity of our communities.