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9 Questions with 21c Bride Mallory Carter

21c: How did you meet?

MC: Grady and I both went to school at Oklahoma State University, and although we had many mutual friends, we did not meet until later in life. I was living and teaching in Colorado Springs, and Grady was back in Norman working on his real estate license. Grady mistakenly wrote “Happy Birthday” to me on Facebook, thinking I was someone else, and we struck up a conversation that led to a first date. I feel so incredibly lucky that we met because it almost didn’t happen! It’s funny to think that my life changed with one Facebook post.

21c: What were you looking for in a venue? How did you know you found the one?

MC: Choosing a venue was probably the hardest decision we made. We originally wanted to get married out of town, but we could not figure out the logistics. I knew I wanted to get married somewhere unique, and I wanted the space to be somewhat modern. We were set on having a small, intimate ceremony outside and a larger, indoor reception with plenty of room for a dance floor.  I knew 21c was “the one” when I saw they had the combination we were looking for. The rooftop space at 21c and the main gallery had completely different vibes that would work perfectly for us. When they said we could have a taco bar for the reception, I was sold!

21c: How many penguins are in your wedding album?

MC: Several! The penguins were a huge hit on the dance floor and in the photo booth. We were gifted a small penguin statue that we plan on moving around our house like they do at 21c.

21c: How did your wedding reflect who you are as a couple?

MC: We decided on a private ceremony with just family and close friends, and that truly honored how much we value our relationships with our loved ones. I will never forget looking out at everyone and feeling so loved. Grady is known for being the life of the party, so our reception really reflected his personality. I am very sentimental and love small, but meaningful details. My planner and florist made the modern space feel romantic and magical. There was even a cake designed after my wedding dress! We both love dancing, good food, drinks, and treats, and our reception had it all!

21c: What did your guests love most about 21c?

MC: Our guests loved the convenience of being able to stay in one place for the wedding weekend. We had several people coming in from out of town, and we wanted them to be able to explore downtown Oklahoma City without going too far. The ceremony location had a beautiful view of the city, and the atmosphere at 21c was so unique, fun, and energetic. They are still talking about how special the ceremony was and how much fun they had at the reception!

21c: What song got the most people on the dance floor?

MC: We had a live band that kept everyone on the dance floor for most of the reception, but “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” was a great song for the last dance of the night.

21c: What was your favorite dish at the reception?

MC: I was set on having a taco bar for the wedding, which I got to enjoy more at our tasting than the wedding because I was so excited to get to the reception. We ate dinner alone before the party started, and everything was delicious, especially the queso. They even sent us our favorite French fries from Mary Eddy’s. I have had several people tell me that the cake and caramel apples were their favorite part of the wedding.

21c: If you channel some magic penguin-godmother magic and relive your favorite moment from your wedding day, what would it be?

MC: There are so many moments I wish I could relive, but I would love to relive walking down the aisle. It felt like such a dream. Hearing the beautiful music and seeing everyone I love was very emotional and surreal.

21c: Do you have any tips for brides-to-be to make their day as stress-free as possible?

MC: Hire your wedding dream team! My wedding coordinator/designer, Tara from Fête OKC, made everything come together so beautifully. I used vendors that I trusted and knew would do a great job. I didn’t have to worry about anything. My vendors worked with Brooke and Samantha at 21c to make everything perfect, and they all went above and beyond and made it the wedding of my dreams. Also, I would say make choices that work best for you, and not what you think you should do. We did a few things differently, for example, we had a private ceremony and no bridal party. It worked really well for us, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Featured Vendors: 

Photography- Sarah Libby Photography
Planning/Design –  Fête OKC 
Florist – XO by Haleigh Kenney
Hair/Makeup – Lexi Faught Hair & Makeup 
Cake – The Round House Bakery
Apples – Apple Tree Chocolate

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