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  1. Tuesday, October 26, 2021

  2. Wednesday, October 27, 2021


Tomorrow’s Weather

About the Exhibition

Bigert & Bergstrom (Swedish), Tomorrow’s Weather, Acrylic spheres, RGB-LEDs, electric cable, DMX-controller, weather data, MDF, polyurethane coating.


Varying in color and lit from within, the acrylic spheres hanging overhead in Lockbox are arranged as atmospheric molecules in Bigert & Bergstrom’s multi-media installation, Tomorrow’s Weather. The atmospheric molecules (H2O, C2, N2, etc.) change color depending on the following day’s weather forecast. The work updates three times a day in accordance with the latest weather service reports, changing its guise accordingly. If sunny skies are predicted, the molecules take on blue tones with splashes of yellow; if clouds and rain are approaching, the molecules reflect a variety of grey tones. The lone single globe moving up and down responds to temperature: on cold days it hangs low and glows blue, while a warm front makes the globe rise and turn red. Form and function converge in this work that is both an informative instrument—viewers can potentially learn tomorrow’s predicted weather—and an abstract arrangement of light and color whose shifts may be as unreliable as the forecast controlling their dynamic fluctuations.

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