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  1. Saturday, September 25, 2021

  2. Sunday, September 26, 2021


The Ouroboros Mosquito

About the Exhibition

One of three artist experience suites at 21c Nashville, Adrian Grenier’s The Ouroboros Mosquito, is an immersive, art-filled experience. This multimedia, site-specific installation of photographs, prints, and video from the film Teenage Paparazzo, will explore the intersection of celebrity and identity. Teenage Paparrazo chronicles the relationship of a 14-year-old paparazzo Austin Visschedyk and actor Grenier. When Grenier decides to follow Visschedyk one night, he subsequently begins to realize the negative impact he is having on the teenager. Grenier’s installation includes a selection of artworks created in conjunction or relation to the film, made both by himself and other artists and collaborators. A series of films and videos, including Teenage Paparazzo, are also available on a dedicated monitor in the suite.

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THE OUROBOROS MOSQUITO: buzzed off ourselves in a hall of mirrors

This collection explores themes of media, identity, ownership, and celebrity. In a world saturated with images and the technology to constantly consume and distribute them, the inevitably of which most of us don’t question and moreover actively indulge and accept, this group of art aims to bring an awareness about the very media mechanism that dominates our modern human experience and the role we play in it’s actualization.

These works ask us to think outside the limitations inherent, and largely unnoticed, within media and to consider how we can be more active and responsible consumers, taking in more layers of perspectives and cultivating important critical thinking skills to protect and empower ourselves to be more media savvy and self-aware*.

This is a call to action to provoke and reject the conventional media power structure, question the fame-promise and seek to undermine the influence of media and ‘image’ by challenging it’s viewers to join the “virtual revolution” without getting lost in it’s seduction.

* warning: be careful of the narcissism and navel-gazing.

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