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The Future is Female

  • Zanele Muholi (South African) Ntozabantu VI, Parktown, 2016 Wallpaper

  • Saya Woolfalk (American) [Detail] ChimaCloud Crystal Body B, 2017 Mixed Media

  • Alison Saar (American) Hades D. W. P., 2016 Etched glass jars, water, dye, wood, cloth and ink transfer, electronics, found ladles, and cups

  • Zo​​ë Buckman (English), Wakeful Anguish, 2017. 18 boxing gloves, vintage wedding dresses, and chain.

  • Stephanie Hirsch (American), Indestructible, 2016. Hand-sewn beads.

  • Zoë Buckman (English) Champ, 2016 Neon, glass, leather

The Future is Female – 21c Museum Hotels

The Future is Female

Gleaming acrylic fingernails glued into patterned, reptilian forms that emerge from the wall; female anatomy rendered in neon light and boxing gloves; cement seeping through lace and paint; haunting words about the present overlaid on imagery of the past: surface tension abounds in this exploration of contemporary feminist art. The broad range of media and … Continue reading The Future is Female

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