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The Man Behind the Cocktails

From best ingredients to classic cocktails get to know our new Beverage Director, Davy Butterworth

The bar + lounge at Proof on Main is the perfect place to quench your thirst, entertain important clients, or grab a casual bite with friends. Since opening in 2006, Proof’s bar has been a favorite of both locals and visitors alike, with an award winning beverage program featuring signature cocktails and expansive spirits selection of over 120 Kentucky Bourbons. This Spring, we welcomed Davy Butterworth to lead our beverage team as Beverage Director.

Davy first started bartending back in 2011 to pay for grad school, but he loved the Louisville bar scene too much to leave after graduating and has been bartending around town ever since. In the past few years, he’s just about done it all when it comes to alcohol. Davy is a Certified Sommelier, a Cocktail Champion, and has worked at some of the best bars and restaurants in town. When he’s not making drinks, you can usually find him drinking great wine, good bourbon, and cheap beer. No matter what drink you’re looking for, he’s bound to have the perfect recommendation.

We sat down to pick his brain about all things cocktails from his favorite ingredients to his go-to drink after a hard day.

21c: What’s your favorite drink to make at home?

DB: Got to go with an Old Fashion. It’s easy and delicious and you don’t to have a lot of ingredients on hand to make a good one.

21c: What’s your favorite drink at a local restaurant?

DB: Any of the wines on the list at Nouvelle, a local wine bar with a killer patio.

21c: Favorite type of spirit?

DB: Bourbon. Always Bourbon.

21c: Ingredients you can’t live without?

DB: Angostura. It’s a key ingredient in so many cocktails that you really can’t get by without it.

21c: What 3 things are always stocked in your bar at home?

DB: Coors Banquet, Old Forester 1920, and Willett Family Estate 4 Year Rye.

21c: What inspires you when creating a new cocktail?

DB: I like to riff off of classic recipes and come up with new and original ways to bring those basic and timeless qualities come to life.

21c: What’s your favorite food/drink city (to visit) and why?

DB: I’ve always been a fan of the food and dining scene in Nashville. You can’t go wrong with Hot Chicken.

21c: What 3 words would you use to describe the current dining scene in Louisville?

DB: Creative. Intentional. Fun.

21c: Favorite thing to do in Louisville on your day off?

DB: Drink Coffee and study wine at Quills Coffee in Nulu.

21c: What drink starts your day? Ends your night?

DB: My days almost always begins with a cup of coffee and ends with a beer and a shot.

21c: Any new activations happening at Proof this year?

DB: We have a lot of cool ideas brewing behind the scenes, but I don’t want to tip my hand just yet.


> Try your hand at Davy’s take on a classic Daquiri cocktail with the Oh Baby

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Featured photo by Sara Babcock


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