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Feeding Creativity: Rüya Coffee

Experience Turkish coffee readings from the comfort of your home

Dreaming of the new experiences that come with travel? Many restaurants, museums, theaters (… and even the zoo!) are getting creative when it comes to bringing these experiences to life, virtually. During this time we’ve discovered that there are actually many ways to enjoy culture from our homes, and Rüya’s Turkish coffee experience is providing just that. Rüya Founder, Melis Aydogan is bringing the magical sense of travel right into your living room with one-on-one virtual fortune-telling through her coffee ground readings.

Here’s the captivating story behind Melis Aydogan’s Cincinnati-local business, Rüya Coffee…

Rüya was started thanks to a grant Melis received to open a Turkish Coffeehouse, with a mission to change the narrative of immigrants in America cup-by-cup, conversation-by-conversation. Rüya’s, hope was to give not only her parents (who immigrated to the U.S. from Turkey), but all immigrants, 1st-gens, and others a home away from home that brings back happy memories, and in turn, allows long-time residents and immigrants an opportunity to welcome and support each other.

Turkish coffee is the oldest known brewing method and is a vital part of Turkish culture. For more than 500 years, the historic brewing method has paved the way for people of all ages and backgrounds to unite through coffee and conversation. Interestingly, this is the same manner in which coffee was consumed by sultans and sultanas in their palaces during the Ottoman Empire!

After the coffee is consumed, the beloved ritual of fortune-telling that follows brings a little mystery to the table. Turkish coffee is unfiltered, so after you sip on the liquid and tip your leftover, sludge-like grounds onto the saucer, a friend, family member or professional can read your fortune from the resulting shape. Families often read one another’s fortunes after meals as a way to come together and connect.

Fortune-telling creates time to reflect on life, talk about what we want resolved and what we are looking forward to: our dreams. Hence the name Rüya, which translates to “dream” in Turkish. The conversations and dreams shared over Turkish coffee connect all of us, regardless of culture, politics, or religion. Rüya continues this dream and serves to shape a world that everyone can call home.

Ready to try for yourself? Visit Rüya Coffee’s website to purchase your very own Turkish Coffee Kit. Use code ’21c’ to get 21% off.

As the Turkish proverb goes, if your Turkish coffee tastes “dark as hell, strong as death, and sweet as love,” then you’ve got it just right.

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