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Artist Check-in: Sibley Barlow

Nashville-based artist Sibley Barlow shares their hopes about an upcoming move to NYC this year, how the community can support local artists, and a #protip they have found works in their practice.

Artist Check-in: Nuveen Barwari

Nashville-based artist, Nuveen Barwari shares what she is looking forward to this year in her art practice, what has changed since the last time we caught up with her in 2020, and her advice for everyone.

Artist Check-in: Duncan McDaniel

Nashville-based artist, Duncan McDaniel, shares more about his artistic process, upcoming projects he is working on, and what he has learned this pandemic year. On April 3, his show ROOTED will open at The Red Arrow Gallery in Nashville.  Check out their website to learn more about how to see the show.

Artist Check-in: Jessica Wohl

Tennessee-based Jessica Wohl talks about how she is using this time to create more work, staying flexible with her practice by working on multiple projects in different mediums and spaces simultaneously, and her hope for how the future will continue to incorporate virtual art experiences even when we can gather in person, safely, again.

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