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Artist Check-in: Sibley Barlow

Nashville-based artist Sibley Barlow shares their hopes about an upcoming move to NYC this year, how the community can support local artists, and a #protip they have found works in their practice.

What are you looking forward to doing this year in your art practice?

I’m moving to NYC this year so I have a lot of hopes and expectations tied to that. In general, I’m looking forward to finding a new art community and having the resources and space to develop a career in art that I haven’t had access to before. With that will come an extra push of motivation to spend more of my time in the studio, which is maybe what I look forward to the most.

How can people continue to support artist in their communities? 

First and foremost, buy art! Not only does this directly support an artist, but by putting our money into the hands of creatives and culture, we take money out of the hands of large businesses and corporations that really suffocate the arts. I think general mutual aid and helping out marginalized communities/ getting out to spend time with neighbors is also helpful, artist or not. The more we can build up our communities all around, the better the arts and artists will thrive. Not to mention the hidden artists—artists that are struggling to find time and energy to be creative and make things, and people that will become artists when living gets a little lighter.

Do you have any #protips or things you have learned in the past year that you would like to share with fellow artists? 

What’s worked for me the past year is making a point to draw and write in the “moments in-between” the day. The work you can get done while sitting in the car waiting on a grocery pick-up or during breaks at work really adds up over time. It has kept my momentum going, made my actual time in the studio richer and more productive, and at the very least has lessened the guilt that can pop up when I just need time to sit at home and do nothing. Making something is better than nothing, no matter how small.

About the artist:

Sibley Barlow explores ideas surrounding time, identity, labor, and repetition particularly as they relate to the body, as well as intersections between civilizations and the natural environment. Their work privileges process and seeks to consolidate performance with the object. She works across mediums and crafts, grouping work as widely varied individual projects. He works primarily in painting, drawing, performance, and installation. Sibley was born in Atlanta, Georgia and received her BFA from Ball State University. He currently lives and works in Gatlinburg, Tennessee and enjoys writing about himself in third person.

You can look at more of their work on their website: and you can follow Sibley on Instagram @tastybeans


New painting in progress


An old painting being revisited


A mural being painted in Gatlinburg TN, nearing the final stages


mural, detail


Current studio


New painting in progress

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