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Serkan Özkaya’s MyMoon (2015) is an interactive mobile app that generates a public artwork at the intersection of the digital and the celestial. As part of 21c’s mission to support innovation and access to visionary contemporary art, we invite you to participate, and make MyMoon your moon.

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Artist Statement

I dreamt up a large round rock.
I put it next to the moon in the sky.
It is called MyMoon.
It has a spin, so that it reveals every side of it.
It floats next to the moon at all times even when you donʼt look at it.
Using the smartphone as a window one can see MyMoon clearly.
It is visible around the globe and from the space.
Everyone that looks at MyMoon sees it from a unique perspective.
One can take a snapshot with the camera.
One can pinch and bring it closer to himself or towards the moon.
The word mymoon [majmun] means ʻapeʼ in several languages, including Greek, Turkish and Arabic.
MyMoon apes the moon.
The moon apes MyMoon back.
Two moons in the sky side by side.
One day it will be possible to see MyMoon with naked eye.
MyMoon is your moon.

About The Artist

Serkan Özkaya is a conceptual artist whose work deals with topics of appropriation and reproduction, and typically operates outside of traditional art spaces.

Özkaya’s latest works include, Mirage, installed at the Postmasters Gallery in New York and consisted of a shadow of a passenger airplane that crossed the room for 45 seconds every four minutes; One and Three Pasta (with George L. Legendre), where the duo created 3D computer models for 92 types of pasta after Legendre’s mathematical equations and David (inspired by Michelangelo), at two-times the size of the original. Ozkaya is the author and editor of ten books, including Double (Lars Muller Publishers, 2013), The Rise and Fall and Rise of David (21c Museum Hotel and Yapi Kredi, 2011), and Today Could Be a Day of Historical Importance (artwithoutwalls, 2010).​

About 21c Museum Hotel

21c was founded by Laura Lee Brown and Steve Wilson, contemporary art collectors and preservationists who have a passionate belief in the power of innovative and thought-provoking art to transform communities. Brown and Wilson founded 21c with a mission of broadening the audience for and deepening appreciation of contemporary art. A multi-venue museum, each 21c property features contemporary art exhibition space open free of charge to the public, combined with a boutique hotel and chef-driven restaurant. 21c presents a range of arts programming curated by Museum Director, Alice Gray Stites, including solo and group exhibitions that reflect the global nature of art today, as well as site-specific, commissioned installations, and a variety of cultural events. The organization collaborates on arts initiatives with artists and organizations worldwide, including North Carolina Museum of Art, MASS MoCA, Contemporary Art Museum Houston, The Barnes Foundation, Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, Creative Capital Foundation, and others. Since opening in Louisville, KY in 2006, 21c Museum has presented more than 80 exhibitions, including Simen Johan: Until the Kingdom Comes; Cuba Now!; Alter Ego: A Decade of Work by Anthony Goicolea; Blue: Matter, Mood, and Melancholy; Aftermath: Witnessing War, Countenancing Compassion; Seeing Now; Dis-semblance: Projecting and Perceiving Identity; and Wild Card: The Art of Michael Combs, a Fifteen-Year Survey.​

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“An innovative concept with strong execution and prompt and enthusiastic service.”
– Pableaux Johnson, New York Times

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