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Always strive to be green

Since the beginning, environmental awareness has been a central value to the 21c Team.

Faced with ever-expanding suburban sprawl, 21c founders Laura Lee Brown and Steve Wilson hoped to invigorate downtown, bringing life back to the urban center. The critical acclaim and public embrace of 21c Louisville and Proof on Main validated their efforts. And, since day one, eco-friendly practices have been central to daily operations at 21c. Put simply we believe you should: “Always Strive to be Green.

Highlights of  environmental initiatives include:

  • Renovations in Louisville and Cincinnati are in accordance with standards for historic preservation.
  • Construction in Bentonville is utilizing green building practices.
  • Design in Cincinnati and Bentonville incorporate new energy monitoring technology, which automatically reduces consumption when spaces are not in use.
  • At the core of each restaurant’s philosophy is a commitment to sustainable agriculture and local producers.
  • Operational commitments to waste reduction, recycling, and water and energy conservation are central to our daily activity.

Looking ahead

As 21c grows, we consider eco-friendly practices necessary to being responsible members and supporters of our global community. To succeed in our goals, 21c is committed to working together – with our team, our communities, our world. We always welcome suggestions and are open to new innovations.

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“An innovative concept with strong execution and prompt and enthusiastic service.”
– Pableaux Johnson, New York Times

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